Aamad, from the Persian word meaning ‘entry’; the first introduction of spoken rhythmic pattern or bol into a Kathak performance; the dramatic entrance of the dancer on stage. The Aamad corresponds somewhat to the ‘alaap’ in Indian Music, in that it establishes the atmosphere.

Nestled in a quiet corner in the quaint Versova area, Aamad is a performing arts & wellness studio offering a variety of dance, martial-arts, yoga, zumba and music classes under some of the best and most experienced faculty. While Aamad can be your everyday culture or fitness fix, we assure you boredom won’t set in; as it is our constant endeavour to bring you a host of unique and exciting workshops such as Flamenco, Lindy-Hop, Hula-hooping, Meditation, Nutrition and more.

Besides the studio space, Aamad has a solid presence in the corporate and entertainment sector, offering unique and customised fitness and wellness solutions, artists, choreographers, and curating performances.

Lastly, we aim to build a community rich in arts and culture with community events like storytelling, drum-circles, open mics and thereby providing a platform to nurture and present new talent.

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