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Kalarippayattu is an ancient martial art from Kerala. There is no other martial art practice in the country to compete with its training system and application techniques. These have been compiled over many decades by the great Gurus or Masters of the land. It has a continuity that spreads over centuries and is based on the ideal of a sound mind in a sound body. Kalarippa
yattu is a rare combination of martial training, physical culture, self-defense practice and physio-therapeutic treatment. It has a high reputation as an art with highly developed body language and expression.

Health Benefits and Training Method

Kalaripayattu increases the strength and energy in one’s body. It also enhances flexibility and levels of endurance, and the body and mind start to become more balanced. It brings down stress and develops within your body and mind the power of relaxation. It boosts stamina and the functioning of the immune system. It bestows greater power of concentration, self-control and enhances posture and muscle tone. Cardiovascular improvements and improved blood circulation are long term benefits. There is no strict diet to be followed while learning this art.

Training in defense and attack techniques with traditional weapons used in Kalaripayattu, cultivates abilities like absolute physical control, unbelievable speed in physical movements, leaps and jumps and also helps the student achieve perfect neuro-muscular co-ordination. The philosophy of this intense martial art stretches the limits of the human body to a degree where non-ballistic weapons from wooden staff to spear, sword and shield become extensions of the body thus making the entire body a weapon.

Faculty: Vipin

Vipin Kazhipurath is an accomplished and committed martial artist with 12 years of rich experience with the vision to establish Kalaripayattu, traditional art form of Kerala as a lifestyle.

̧ 5 years of teaching experience in Kalaripayattu, started 3 centres in Mumbai – Dadar, Bandra & Versova
 ̧ 3 years of Kalaripayattu improvisational body language training sessions for instructors at EMDC, Expression Modern Dance Academy, at Dadar – Matunga west. Mumbai
 ̧ Kalaripayattu body movement training for diploma holders at Sumit Nagdev dance academy
 ̧ Introduced Illuminati dance group to Kalaripayattu for body posture, movement and poise
 ̧ Workshop for BFY Sports & fitness – Premier health, fitness, training and education organization
 ̧ Overseas workshops in Paris with 200+ attendees.

Timings & Duration


Tuesdays & Fridays 7- 8:30 pm


1 month, 1 session, 3 months, 6 months