Aamad, from the Persian word meaning ‘entry’; the first introduction of spoken rhythmic pattern or bol into a KATHAK performance; the dramatic entrance of the dancer on stage. The Aamad corresponds somewhat to the ‘alaap’ in Indian Music, in that it establishes the atmosphere.

Nestled in a quiet corner in the quaint Versova area, Aamad is a performing arts & wellness studio offering a variety of dance, martial-arts, yoga, zumba and music classes under some of the best and most experienced faculty. While Aamad can be your everyday culture or fitness fix, we assure you boredom won’t set in; as it is our constant endeavour to bring you a host of unique and exciting workshops such as Flamenco, Lindy-Hop, Hula-hooping, Meditation, Nutrition and more.

Founded by Ishita Sharma a well known actor, trained Kathak dancer and performer, the institution aims at promoting the knowledge, understanding & practice of Indian and International art forms, (including other fitness modules that help achieving mastery in these complex performing arts) as a reflective, innovative & individual approach to teaching, learning and making art. Its key initiative is to promote the pure and authentic forms of performing arts and help build holistic development of the individuals.

From time to time we also convert our studio into an intimate performance venue to promote art forms and independent artists through events such as Storytellers, theatre performances, dance recitals and gigs. If you are looking to explore the arts, discover more about yourself, or perhaps just learn something new- join us at Aamad. We are always eager to see new faces.

Ishita Sharma is a renowned film and TV actress, having worked in films like ‘Loins Of Punjab Presents’, ‘Dil Dosti Etc.’, ‘Dulha Mil Gaya’ and recently in the hit TV series ‘Kuch Toh Log Kaehenge’ and ‘Dance India Dance’ (as a host).

Founder of AAMAD and a prolific Kathak dancer, Ishita has trained under the able tutelage of Sangeet Kala Ratna awardee Pandita Uma Dogra, the only ‘ganda-bandha shagird’ of the late legendary Guru Pandit Durgalalji, of the Jaipur gharana.
With over a decade of experience under her belt, Ishita has performed at prestigious regional and national festivals like the Mudra Festival, Kahajuraho Dance Festival and National Programme of Dance on Doordarshan; and in acclaimed venues like Ravindra Natya Mandir, the National Centre of Performing Arts and Nehru Centre, establishing a respected name and reputation for herself.

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